Should I Get a Car Wash in The Winter?

Aug 14 2023

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If you live in a cold climate during the winter then you know how difficult it is to keep your car clean. Even if it’s not snowing it still may be too cold to even just go outside. You shouldn’t wait all the way until spring to get a car wash tho. You should be getting the recommended amount of car washes, 1 every other week.

The reason car washes are so important is that they can help prevent rust. A car wash helps so much with long-term damage that would be caused by the salt and chemicals on the road caused by the city cleaning the roads.  It also increases your visibility while you are behind the wheel. A car wash will keep your wheels clean and ensure better traction on the road, which is very helpful when driving through snow.

Car washes are even important to your vehicle’s resell value. While getting constant washes, you will keep the value of the car by avoiding rust and erosion. Keeping all the chemicals and salt off the car helps keep the car in the most pristine condition possible. Having your car clean and in good condition shoots up the value of your car. A car wash goes a very long way toward keeping your car at a high resell value.

We don’t recommend going to the car wash if the temperature outside is below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Water that hits your car when the air is too cold could lead to frozen locks and door handles. It’s important to let your car dry thoroughly so water doesn’t get stuck and freeze. Even if it’s not below freezing, road salt will stick to a wet car, undoing the benefits of the car wash.  So using a car wash with a dryer or a hand drying system like at will be very beneficial.  

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