11 Money Saving Driving Tips

Brookelynn Miller

Mar 20 2023

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Are you looking to save a few bucks at the pump or just in general? Make sure to read these 11 money-saving driving tips that will help reduce how much money you are spending on gas and the maintenance of your vehicle.

1. Use The Right Oil

If you don’t know which oil you should be using for your vehicle, we can help you out. Using the wrong oil can cause problems such as wasting gas and wearing down parts quicker than usual. We can help find the manufacturer’s recommendation for your vehicle, so your car is running as efficiently as possible.

2. Regularly Check Your Tire Pressure

Under-inflated tires can cause your miles per gallon to drop and also wear out faster. Make sure your tires are inflated to the recommended level. We can help with keeping your tires at the correct pressure level.

3. Change Your Filters Regularly

Not only is it important to regularly change your oil, but also your oil filter. It is best to change your oil filter every time you get your oil changed. As well it is essential to change your air filter about every 12,000 miles. While it will cost you money to do this. It will extend the life of your vehicle, helping you save money in the long run.

4. Drive Slow and Steady

Gas is expensive, it may be getting a little cheaper but still expensive. To conserve your gas to its fullest potential, slow down! Fast acceleration will urn your gas much faster than slow-pace acceleration. Not only is it a good way to save money, but it is also much safer for you and others.

5. Remove Unnecessary Weight From Your Vehicle 

The more weight you carry in your car the less efficient your mpg will be. Any excess weight will reduce fuel efficiency, especially in hilly or mountainous areas.

6. When Fueling up Try to Avoid Gas Stations Near Major Highways

When fueling up, if you have enough gas where you are not stressing to find the closest station, choose one away from the highway. Gas stations near freeway entrances and exits are always going to be more expensive than those near residential areas.

7. Try Fueling Up Early in the Week

Most studies show that gas prices tend to be highest Thursday through Sunday, especially during heavy travel weekends. If you have time to plan a trip to get gas, try to go on a Monday or Tuesday and find a place, not near a major highway!

8. Reduce How Often You Use Your Heater

Using your heater will make you feel nice and cozy. But don’t overdo it, only use it when necessary. Overuse will hurt your fuel efficiency. If you can, we recommend parking in a garage or another warm place!

9. Only Carry Cargo on the Roof When Necessary

Believe it or not, when carrying cargo on the roof your fuel efficiency can drop by 10 percent or more when on the highway. Rear cargo holders are much more fuel efficient.

10. Use Cruise Control When You Can

Maintaining a steady speed will usually help your fuel efficiency. If you will be on a highway with no traffic, consider using cruise control.

11. Combine Short Trips

When running errands try to do more than just one at a time. Not only will this save you money on gas but it will also save you time.

Hopefully, these 11 money-saving driving tips help you save a little money this holiday season!

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